Billing and Insurance

My practice is strictly a "fee for service" practice. It is customary and expected that payment be made in full, by check (or cash), at the time of the office visit. Credit and Debit card payments are not available.

I do not submit billing to insurance companies. This is because I am a solo practioner and do not have office staff. This allows for maximum privacy of your personal information. It also puts you in control of the information you provide your insurance carrier.

At the time of the visit, I will provide you with a statement that provides all the information that insurance companies need to process a claim. You can then, if you choose to do so, submit this statement to your insurance company for reimbursement directly to you. If additional information is needed, I will- with your permission- endeavor to provide what is required for your claim to be processed. I cannot guarantee, however, that your insurance company will reimburse you.

Many insurance companies will allow their clients to submit their own claims. Some will not. I recommend that you check with your insurer to determine what your policy allows.

As I do not participate in any insurance networks or on any PPO or HMO panels any visits to see me would be "out of network" with your insurance plan. Since insurance policies vary widely with respect to how psychiatric services are covered, please check with your insurance carrier to determine the nature of your coverage.