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Telepsychiatry and Telepsychotherapy -Assessments and Treament Now Available 

Telepsychiatry and Telepsychotherapy Provided by an Expert Psychiatrist.  You Access Care From the Safety of Your Own Home

With the threat of COVID-19, our lives have dramatically changed.  We are all concerned for our own and others' health and well being in this challenging environment.  Those of us who develop, or already suffer with, anxiety and depression need access to care.  Others will have new burdens in the face of the current crisis requiring expert assessment and support.   This has abruptly changed how psychiatric and pscyotherapy services can be porovided. 

The rules governing telepsychiatry and telepsychotherapy have rapidly changed to take into account the need for us to socially isolate to blunt the effect of the COVID-19 virus, and the ongoing need to receive expert psychiatric and psychotherapy care.  

I have implemented telepsychiatry services via a secure audio-visual platform to provide Psychiatric evaluations as well as treatment during this unprecedented time.  You can expect the same expert and empathic psychiatric and psychotherapy services I provide in my office but from the safety of your own home.

If you live in the Charlotte Metro area, my services may be appropriate for you.  


If you would like set up a new patient appointment via Telepsychiatry please call me at 704 376-7654.  Leave a message and include and evening phone number where I may reach you.  I will want to talk with you prior to scheduling an appointment in order to get a feel for your situation and needs, and my ability to address them with you.  I will also want to review with you the evaluation process, how to access the visit, and my practice's business policies.  

The rest of my site discusses the types of services I provide.


You will need a smart phone, tablet, or computer with camera and microphone as well as an internet connection.  Browsers that work best with the platform are Chrome and Firefox.  You will also need an email address for me to send you a link to my virtual waiting room for your appointment.  

At the time of the visit you will need to provide me with the phone number at which you can be reached should the connection be lost during the visit, the address of your location at the time of the visit, and the phone number of an emergency contact.  

My location is secure and will maintain your privacy and confidentiality.  To maintain privacy and confidentiality at your home or location you would need to be sure that you locate yourself so that others cannot hear you speak or see the screen of your electronic device.  


During this crisis most Insurance companies have made arrangements to cover these visits variously known as Televisits, Telemedicine, Telepsychiatry, Telepsych, Telehealth.  Please check with your insurance company to see what they cover.  You will also want to know what your Out-of Network Coverage is as I do not participate in any insurance networks and do not bill insurance (but will provide you a statement for you to submit to your insurance company).  Please see the billing and insurance section on my site for more information.  Also my services are not billable to Medicare.  I am unable to provide services covered by Medicaid at this time.  

To assist you, here are links to some insurance companies.  Please contact the insurance company directly regarding questions about out of network coverage:


Blue Cross NC



United Health Care                

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