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Warren J. Steinmuller, MD Experience and Practice

My solo practice, Warren J Steinmuller MD, has been in existence here in Charlotte since 1993. I am a physician specializing in the treatment of mental illness and emotional distress in children, adolescents, and adults.

After graduating from Washington University School of Medicine (St. Louis) in 1981 I trained as a Pediatrician at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. It was during this training that I became deeply committed to understanding the emotional world of children and their families when children became severely physically ill. This commitment led me to psychiatry as this seemed to be the last area in medicine where a doctor could get to know his patients and seek to help them navigate through life’s challenges and transitions. Despite the changes in medicine wrought by managed care I have held tightly to practicing in this older tradition. Brief 15 minute medication checks do not lend themselves to understanding the person who is coming to me seeking help and assistance. (For that reason, and reasons of confidentiality, I am not on managed care panels, which restrict psychiatrists to brief evaluations and infrequent, brief medication follow up visits).

I trained in Psychiatry at Michael Reese Hospital and Medical Center in Chicago (1984 to 1987) and then in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at The University of Chicago.(1989 to 1991). I chose these programs specifically because they emphasized the acquisition of psychotherapy skills (and provided high quality teaching and supervision all years of training) as well as the other needed skills in psychiatry (evaluations, consultation, medication treatment, etc).

I arrived in Charlotte in 1991 to work at Carolina's Medical Center and the Center for Behavioral Health. There I ran an inpatient adolescent unit, provided Consultation-Liason services to the Pediatrics Department, as well as provided resident teaching. Other responsibilities included providing emergency psychiatric evaluations and treatment in the emergency department and ongoing outpatient treatment in the medication clinic.

I left after two years to open my private practice in order to pursue my passion and resume my work as a psychiatrist who provides psychotherapy.

How does treatment begin?

A careful evaluation is the essential first part of our work together. Your responsibility is to tell me, the best you can, about what concerns you. It is my job to assist you by knowing what questions to ask and how to look with you at what is bothering you or causing you distress or pain.

When you and I are satisfied that I have the information I need, I will talk with you about my understanding of your situation and present you with treatment options aimed at alleviating your distress. This treatment plan will be tailored to your specific situation and I will tell you why I am recommending it. All questions are welcomed in assisting you to understand my recommendations.

Will Dr. Steinmuller place me on medication?

Not necessarily. Medication is only one potential option. Many people do not need medication to feel better. Various forms of psychotherapy may be the preferred treatment (cognitive psychotherapy, behavioral therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, family therapy). If I believe medication would be helpful or even essential for your recovery I will discuss it with you and seek your ideas and concerns about it. If I think medication is not needed I will discuss that with you, too. If you are already taking medication for psychiatric care I will carefully evaluate this with you and discuss with you your concerns and my recommendations to continue or stop the medication.

Making an Appointment:

To make an appointment, call my office at 704 376-7654. You will most likely reach my confidential voice mailbox. Please leave me a message with day and evening phone numbers so I may return your call to talk with you. I don not have a secretary. No one has access to my voice mail but me. I prefer to respond to all calls personally so I can determine with you if I am potentially the right person for you to see and to set up an appointment.

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